Social Security Disability: The Requirements For A Back Injury & How A Lawyer Can Help

Did you fall from a ladder at work and now have a hard time functioning because of back problems? If your back has caused you to lose income because you are unable to work from the pain, you may be able to get social security disability (SSD) benefits. Learn about the requirements for obtaining social security benefits and what a lawyer can do to help you get your application approved.

What are the Requirements for SSD Benefits When Suffering from Back Problems?

SSD benefits are for people with a medical condition that will not go away in under a year. Suffering from back problems will not automatically make you qualified, especially if you don't have any evidence of how long the symptoms are expected to last. If you have undergone back surgery, obtaining a document from your physician that details how long the healing process will take is a good idea.

It is also important for you to prove that you stopped working because your injured back interferes with the type of work you once did. However, you may also have to prove that working a different position is not possible because of your condition. If you want to get through the application process in a smooth manner without the risk of not being approved for benefits, you may want to hire a lawyer.

Why Should a Lawyer Be Hired When Apply for SSD Benefits?

The key to getting approved for SSD benefits is prove without a doubt that you have an injury and can't support yourself financially because of it. A lawyer will know the exact type of evidence necessary for proving your case when it is presented to the Social Security Administration (SSA). The main thing the lawyer will do is make sure your medical records detail exactly how you were injured, the type of treatment you are going through and whether or not the condition is expected to get better.

You will also find that hiring a lawyer is handy in the event that the SSA decides that you need to undergo an additional medical examination before they make a decision. Your lawyer can argue the fact that the evidence they were provided with is sufficient enough to prove your condition. If your application for benefits is denied, your lawyer will continue to argue your case if you appeal and have a hearing. Consult with a lawyer, like Banik & Renner, so you can start receiving enough money to take care of your needs while you are out of work!